Catch Up® offers training and support to deliver our two proven interventions

Catch Up® is a not-for-profit charity working to address literacy and numeracy difficulties that contribute to underachievement. We offer two structured one-to-one interventions, Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy, proven to significantly improve the achievement of learners who find literacy or numeracy difficult.

The Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy interventions help learners who struggle with literacy and numeracy to improve their skills so they can fully participate in learning and achieve lifelong success. The interventions have been implemented in schools across Australia – in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria. Request a brochure to find out more.

Catch Up® Training

We offer training in delivering and managing the Catch Up® interventions at training centres and online Map showing
                    			training courses across Australia

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July CUAT conf

11 Sep - CUAT Conference, July 2018 – Our Trainers’ turn to be trained!

In July, the Catch Up® Accredited Trainers (CUATs) got together to take part in their own training and be updated at our CUAT conference! These conferences are organised twice a year for the trainers – this one taking place at our Catch Up® Regional Training Centre in Birmingham.

The average response to the question, ‘How helpful has the conference been to you?’ was 4.9 (with 1 being ‘least helpful’ and 5 being ‘most helpful’)! Terrific news!


10 Sep - Training round-up, Summer Term 2018

Now we have moved swiftly into a new school year, we felt this was the ideal time to reflect on the great success of our training courses that took place during the Summer term. We delivered more than 40 ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ training courses (including an online course in Australia!), welcoming over 500 attendees to the Catch Up® Community. In addition to this, we have been really pleased to deliver our ‘Review and Refresh’ sessions, which trainees have found very valuable, plus our popular Catch Up® information session webinars!