What schools say

Graph Over 92% of respondents, asked to rate their experience of Catch Up® between 1-10, rated us at 7 or above (July 2014, 290 respondents).
Over the years, we have been sent lots of feedback from schools using the Catch Up® interventions and we'd like to share some of it here...

"Our maths SATS results improved for the children involved in Catch Up® in Year 6. It is proving successful lower down the school as well, with the vast majority of pupils who are on the scheme doing better than expected in their end of year assessments."

"First course I have come away from both inspired and determined to make it happen....and it is!!"

"Delivering Catch Up® Numeracy at my school this year has proved extremely successful, with end of year test results having outstanding scores. Age and number age gaps decreasing rapidly, with some above their age. Pupils full of confidence and feel they can continue to thrive and achieve. But, best of all, they now say they ENJOY maths. That is so rewarding."

"Catch Up® is an amazing intervention that can produce fantastic results for all children who participate in the full programme. I deliver Catch Up® Literacy & Numeracy in school and thoroughly enjoy every session. It is well structured and easy to follow. The children will often chase me up the corridor to find out when they can work with me again. They love it.......and so do I! I have nothing but praise for this intervention."

“I enjoyed the Catch Up® course immensely, everything was explained concisely and I felt that I learnt a great deal from it. After delivering Catch Up® sessions myself, I have realised the importance of various aspects of the intervention and have seen just how effective it is. The learners grow in confidence and become much more enthusiastic about reading. The whole process is very positive with the learners improving and enjoying each session, and as for me, I can't imagine another job giving this much job-satisfaction.”

“I have been really impressed with the improvement in the children that I have worked with, on both the Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy interventions. I found the training informative and well delivered and the follow-up visits to our school were extremely helpful.”

“I cannot fault the Catch Up® Literacy programme. It is by far the most effective intervention programme for improving reading that I have used.”

“Some of the comments from the children are how Catch Up® has helped them with their confidence, reading & understanding. The messages were overwhelming from parents too.”

(Comments and figures from user survey, July 2014, 290 respondents.)