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We offer face-to-face training in certain areas or online training which people from all over Australia can join. Find out more about:
Face-to-face training
Online training

Face-to-face training

We run face-to-face training in schools for a minimum of 12 trainees - email us to arrange training in your own school.

Online training

We also offer online training for Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy so we can train schools all across Australia.

Email us to book.

How does online training work?

Before the training
The online training takes place in 3 two-hour sessions and is delivered online via a live webinar. After you book, you will receive a unique login and instructions for how to join the training online. You will also be sent your own Catch Up® Literacy or Numeracy resource file before the training starts. Tracy Riley, your trainer, will contact you before the first training day to check you have everything you need to start the training.

During the training
On each day of the training, you log in just before the start time, ready to begin the training. You will be able to hear Tracy and see slides and videos as Tracy goes through the training. There are a number of interactive activities throughout the training, where you can join in from your computer by typing into the chat box or taking part in online polls.

After each training session
After each session you will be given 'follow-up tasks' to go away and practise in your school what you have learnt so far. This is to enable you to start practising the skills you have learnt and also so you can feedback at the next session and learn from each other as you develop your skills.

After the training
Once the training is complete, you will be sent your completion certificate in the post and be given a unique login to the Catch Up® Community resources online.

Watch our short video about the Catch Up® Literacy training:

Email us to book your places or if you have any questions about the interventions or training.

Please note: Each person wishing to deliver the Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy interventions must attend one of our face-to-face or online training courses. Whilst several people may attend the online training together – from one computer – they will each need their own copy of the Catch Up® Literacy or Numeracy file and will also need to be given their own unique username and password to access additional materials on the website. Together, these provide all of the guidance and proformas required to deliver the intervention.

Catch Up® Ltd is a not-for-profit charity. Please note that all Catch Up® materials are copyright, which means that they may only be used by the person to whom they were issued, and ‘cascading’ is not permitted. (Not only is this illegal, but research shows that delivery of the intervention is less effective!) Please see full terms and conditions.