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Catch Up files
Each trainee gets a Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy file and a unique login to our website, giving them all of the guidance and proformas necessary to deliver the intervention

Catch Up® file and resources

The Catch Up® files have been designed to be used as reference documents, both during and after the training. For example, they contain information about each of the stages of Catch Up® and examples of completed record sheets, along with questions for reflection, background information, management support and FAQs.

Trainees also get a copy of the Catch Up® progress booklet, which includes:

  • A sessions log
  • A targets sheet
  • Individual session record sheets
  • A bank of assessments for learning
  • A summary record sheet (Literacy) or learner profile (Numeracy)
Trainees are given one copy of the progress booklet for use during the training, and can then download and print, or photocopy, further copies as required.

Catch Up® progress tracking tools

The Catch Up® progress tracking tools are purpose-designed Excel templates, one each for Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. They provide automatic calculations of Reading Age gains or Number/Maths Age gains, duration of intervention, ratio gains etc, enabling schools to record progress data for their learners, quickly and easily, year on year.

Catch Up® online tools

Catch Up online tools
The Catch Up® Literacy online booklist is a regularly updated database of over 8000 books, graded to Catch Up® Literacy levels and age appropriateness. It covers books from a wide range of publishers, with new books being added on a regular basis. The booklist has been designed for two main uses – to find the Catch Up® Literacy level of a book you already have in school, or to find books at a particular Catch Up® Literacy level.

The Catch Up® Numeracy online bank of activities is a comprehensive set of activities and additional templates covering the key components of Catch Up® Numeracy, enabling you to easily find and download optional additional activities and resources for use in your Catch Up® Numeracy sessions.